About Roof Repairs

Roof Refurbishment & Repairs

Whether it’s a tiled, iron or slate roof, we have the expertise to restore, refurbish or repair damaged and sagging roofs. We will inspect your roof and note all areas that require attention

  • Your roof will be inspected and problem areas identified.
  • Broken trusses will be replaced, if required to ensure roof integrity.
  • The under roof waterproofing insulation will be inspected and replaced if required.
  • It is essential that the roof plastic is in good condition to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Roof tiles are then placed in position taking care to replace the tiles that are broken.
  • If required, all tiles will be replaced.
  • A couple of coats of UV resistant roof acrylic paint will then be applied.
Roof Refurbishments final

The Process

Titan Roofing

Providing clients with better services requires implementing the latest technologies, which we integrate to traditional ones.

Innovations and experiments in roofing and renovation are essential, as they allow creating outstanding architecture objects and buildings.

Titan Roofing

Our designers are highly educated, experienced and full of ideas to implement in our construction work. Their design ideas are gorgeous and award-winning.


What do customers say about our work?

Highly Recommended

I selected Titan Roofing & Renovations among other companies because of good recommendations I’ve heard. I am completely satisfied with their work.

John-Andrew Smith
April 20, 2018
Impressive Quality

Working with Titan Roofing is a pleasure, as working with high-class professionals is always a pleasure. Quality of their work is impressive.

Kimberly Barker
May 7, 2018
Exclusivity and Comfort

Me and my company are grateful to Titan Roofing & Renovations for creating for us exclusive and very comfortable working space.

Adam Oosthuizen
March 13, 2018
Thank You Titan Roof

The Zuikerbos Estate would like to congratulate you on all the work you have done here, always on time always delivering what was promised. We have had many projects done by Titan Construction, new roof on our gate, repair our guardhouse, build new wood shack and the upkeep, repairing paving, and repainting.

Zuikerbos Estate
June 19,2017
Outstanding Features

One of the outstanding features is our shale wall on which we have had many good remarks and must be one of your favourites.

Eugene de Kock
December 15,2017