1. Quotations are valid for 30 days only.

2. All painting/ treatments of timber is excluded from quotation/ tender.

3. The quotation is based on details received or measured, variation may require a requote. Only items quoted are viewed above, extras will be requoted, owner to check before signing quotation/ T&C agreement.

4. TR&R is not responsible for damages to existing structures, ceilings, cabling, satellite dishes and or any other cabling etc.

5. TR&R does not provide any guarantee on rust, damp or cracks. Should rust be discovered on a roof, the guarantee will become null and void. Should hail holes be found on the waterproofing the guarantee will become null and void and repair costs can be claimed from the clients insurance.

6. Should the waterproofing be tampered with by any third party the guarantee will be rendered null and void.

7. Ten year Guarantee with maintenance every two years – It is the customer’s responsibility to contact TR&R every two years to maintain the roof. The Maintenance cost will be for the customer’s account. Should the customer not contact TR&R to do maintenance every two years the Guarantee will be rendered null and void and no further Guarantee claims can be made. Any 3rd Party or hail damage must be reported to TR&R immediately in order for TR&R to provide a quotation for the repairs which can be sent to the insurance.

8. The customer is to contact TR&R one month before the guarantee expires to provide a free maintenance inspection and quotation.

9. Should the customer not contact TR&R by the guarantee expiry date the guarantee will become null and void (The guarantee period is specified on all quotations).

10. TR&R reserves the right to amend the guarantee based on the scope of work agreed to and accepted by the client.

11. Guarantees will only be issued on full and final payment of invoices.

12. Quotations are in accordance with the ITC’s minimum requirements.

13. Any cancellations of quotations accepted will have a 10% cancellation fee charged to the client. (To cover our bank and admin charges).

14. Delivery of material will take place 7 to 10 Working days on receiving signed quote as well as deposit.

15. If the Client requires any additional work or alterations other than as specified in the quote, he/she shall advise TR&R and TR&R shall provide the client with a new quote.

16. Should the quotation submitted not be accepted in its entirety, TR&R retains the right to amend the quotation before commencement of work.

17. TR&R will not be held liable for any errors or omissions relating to the submitted quotations.

18. Unspecified areas are excluded from the above quotation.

19. No oral agreement will alter this quote.
Roofing and Renovations

 20. No amendments to the above quote will be accepted unless reduced to writing and signed by TR&R as well as the contract signatory. This includes date changes, changes to time periods and relaxation extensions.

21. TR&R reserves the right to take legal action against the client should final payment not be received within 48 hours of client receiving the final invoice, the client will be liable for all legal costs pertaining.

22. Deposit amount vary due to project at hand (Payment terms noted on quotation).

23. All goods remain the property of TR&R, until full payment has been received.

24. Maintenance needs to be undertaken to all repairs and waterproofing performed by TR&R under its ten year guarantee, every two years at the expense of the above client. Failure to comply will render the ten year guarantee null and void. TR&R will contact the client every two years to inspect and do maintenance to the original waterproofing/roof repairs. We would like to stress that should TR&R fail to contact the client, the onus is on the client to ensure that TR&R is contacted to do the appropriate maintenance on the specified due dates.

25. TR&R does not take any responsibility for structural defects where the waterproofing is applied to. Should the waterproofing fail due to structural defects of the building, the guarantee will become null and void.

26. Screws & Nails etc, are all wear and tear items (NO GUARANTEE)

27. TR&R will provide supervision on site at all times (unforeseen activities).

28. Timeous access to site to be made available by the Client at all times for the completion of the contract.

29. The client takes full responsibility to remove all items of furniture/fittings/fixtures/vehicles etc, to mitigate any damage that could occur during the course of the contract.

30. The Client hereby indemnifies TR&R and all its personnel for all damages, consequential damages, force majeure, unforeseen damages, loss of income or any other loss suffered by Client or any third party as a result of any activities while work is being performed by TR&R in terms of above quotation.

 31. TR&R undertakes to address all complaints and rectify any unsatisfactory work according to written guarantees

 32. Should you, the client, not be entirely happy with the remedial work or service provided by TR&R, you as the client undertake to inform TR&R within 7-days of completion of the services rendered. Please address your complaint in writing to: a. tyron@titanroof.co.za b. Or call 071 -441-6173

33. Every 15 days 10% interest will be payable if Invoice is not paid within 48 Hours. If the Invoice is not paid you will be charged a further 10% until Invoice is fully paid.

34. If the deposit has been paid you as the Client/Customer then ACCEPT the T&C’s of TT&R even if you have not signed the quotation. Please in sure that you read the T&C’s.